Top 10 Best Body Pillows of 2024 (For Side Sleepers, & Back Pain)

Back pain is general in all age groups due to accidents, falls, hits, and aged degeneration. Especially, women will experience back pain from moderate to severe levels during pregnancy. If so, how one could avoid back pain apart from exercising, and surgeries? A remedy is there in the name of Body Pillows for back pain“. It mostly suits everyone who suffers from back pain. Extra support, improved spinal alignment, and sufficient pressure relief are provided by body pillows while sleeping. This is the most comfortable and cost-effective remedy compared to all.

Different types of Body pillow shapes are Available

Rectangular, U-shaped, I, C, and J-shaped. These are longer than standard pillows.

  1. Rectangular is alike a normal pillow except in length. Highly recommended for side sleepers
  2. C-Shaped is designed to cradle the body. This is the best choice for pregnant that give complete body support with a gap in the belly area.
  3. J -Shaped is the ideal choice for pregnant and people who suffer from fibromyalgia, poor posture, or sciatica. Works best for neck and shoulder pain.
  4. U-Shaped pillows have a look of a horseshoe and a gap is seen only at your foot area to stick out. If you expect support for front and back, or you are not a person moving pillow around, then this is your finest option.
  5. Straight shaped body pillows relieve pressure from knees and hips. You may choose this as a second pillow for the lower body cushioning besides the pillow for the head.

But, here you may be stuck with the question,

How to Choose Best Body Pillow?

Based on the pillow fills, material, sizes, and your exact requirements, you shall choose. For example, the best pillow for neck pain side sleepers is a high-loft body pillow and they can go for a medium-firm pillow instead of a hard one. A shredded latex body pillow will be the best body pillow for back pain. wool-latex blend, wool will serve at the best for your back pain. As such the categories go on.

Some of the body pillows fill:

Memory Foam

Both contours and support are offered by memory foam filling. This polyurethane foam compresses heavier parts of the body while rising to fill the gaps under the lighter areas. It can change its shape according to your sleep pattern. It helps in retaining heat better than cotton and latex.

Latex Foam

Latex foam is the best alternative for memory forms in terms of temperature regulation, and bouncing. It regains its original shape quickly. Organic latex is a natural option for people who want to stay away from synthetic foam. But it will not contour as fast and easy as memory foam. Since latex foam is a bit heavy, moving the pillow around the night might be difficult.


This is a natural and hypoallergenic pillow fill and the best option for people who look out for plant-based options. It keeps your body cool and its fibers improve air circulation all over the pillow. Since cotton products are easily washable maintenance is easy. The biggest problem with cotton pillows is they start losing their height over time. It means within a year or two, the pillow might turn flat. For plush body pillow seekers, a cotton pillow is not the right choice.


If you are looking for a squishy and soft body pillow, down (goose feathers) would be the best choice that sticks to your shape. It provides more cushioning and is warm. If you like to snuggle with a warm pillow during cold nights, this is the best choice. Down cannot be your choice if you are looking for a firmer surface to lean during sleep.

How to use a body pillow for back pain?

Sleeping on Back: This posture puts more strain on the back and will lead to severe back pain while waking up. Doctors recommend avoiding sleeping on their back to patients who suffer from severe back pain. But if you have a habit of sleeping on your back, place a pillow under your knees that supports maintaining the normal curvature of the spine and keeps it in a neutral position while sleeping. Normally, a U-shaped body pillow for a bad back is preferred. U-shaped body pillows with heating coils increase blood circulation, relax tight muscles, and dissolve spasms and pain with complete support to your spine.

(Reviews) Top 10 Best Body Pillows for Back Pain

Here, we discuss the Top 10 best body pillows for back pain in detail.

#1 AngQi U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow (U Shaped)

AngQi U Shaped

This product is filled extra with Premium PP cotton to 3 kg. Its unique design for pregnant ladies brings calm and complete sleep with the fullest back support. This U-shaped pillow supports the hip, neck, back, head, and knee to ease discomfort from Sciatica, Gastric reflux, etc. Available in various sizes. It not only helps with sleeping but also makes you comfortable in reading, watching TV, etc. The soft cooling jersey body pillow is covered with premium material along with a double zipper for easy removal. Polyester material saves inner cover with 100% PP cotton filling escalates your sleep level.

If anyone asks what is the best body pillow for back pain during pregnancy, you may refer to it with the fullest confidence.

Product Review: Most of the customers are satisfied with its comfort level, durability, sleep quality, pain relief, and support whereas some of them need more filling, good zips, and firmness.

#2 Leachco Back ‘N Belly Pillow

Leachco BackAs it supports both the back and belly at the same time during pregnancy, is considered to be the first and original Back ‘N Belly. You need not reposition this during the night. Since the product is a custom fit, you just turn from side to side for the best sleep. The inner contours support the natural curved shape. It is designed with a sham-style removable cover containing 35% of cotton and 65% of polyester. The pillow is made of 100% Polyester Fiber and is easily washable.

Product Review: Back ‘N Belly Pregnancy gets appreciation from its customers for its versatility, pain relief, sleep quality, support, and durability. Poor design, shortness, and pain aggravation are experienced by some of them.

#3 Full Body Maternity Pregnancy C-Shaped Pillow

Full Body MaternityThis semi-circular microfibre product is designed following the natural contours and structure of the body for complete support. Though the Full Body Maternity Pregnancy Pillow is designed for pregnant women, still it is quite comfortable for everybody. This is the best pillow for neck pain side sleeper and also helps in supporting the head, back, and belly all at once!

Product Review: Supportive, comfortable, gifting, pain-relieving, and value for money are the comments received from most of the customers whereas it is flat, lumpy, and not suitable for maternity are a few negative comments.

#4 Utopia Bedding Soft Body Pillow – Long Pillow

Utopia BeddingThis poly-cotton body pillow is available in the size of 20X54 inches. The pillow is filled with complete polyester fiber filling and the outer shell is of a cotton blend that makes it more durable. You can spot clean or hand wash the fabric. The side sleepers put the entire body weight on one side of the hips or shoulders which increases pressure on both sides.

This product provides support for the entire body. This is one of the best pillows for side sleepers and it could be placed between the knees to make your pelvis aligned reducing the pressure and misalignment of the spine. As it aligns the entire spine, you can experience reduced lower back pain and muscle spasms. So, if you are searching for a lower back body pillow, we recommend this is the best body pillow for lower back pain. It also acts as the best maternity support body pillow.

Product Review: Thick and firm, soft and long, great fluffy and supportive are on the positive sides whereas inconsistent quality and no proper shape are noted on the negative sides.

#5 Coop Home Goods –  Memory Foam Pillows

Coop Home GoodsThis beautiful pillow protector is completely waterproof both front and back along with breathable sides. This durable pillow protector fabric is luxurious and soft without any puckering noise while turning. This washable pillow cover is styled for long-lasting. The company gives a full refund if you do not like its product. Above all, 5 years warranty is given to the product. This Oeko-Tex Certified pillow cover comes in various sizes

Product Review: Outside fluffiness, softness and comfort, water resistance are on the positive side whereas worst customer service, zipper problems, and the smallness of the cover are on the negative side.

#6 Milliard U Shaped Total Body Support Pillow

Milliard U ShapedThis U-shaped body Pillow Support brings sleep to a long, ergonomic position. It helps hugely to relieve pain and pressure from the back, neck, legs, head, and arms. The softness level is adjusted with thick, cushioned memory foam which is present inside the body pillow. This is the best pregnancy pillow that relieves belly pressure, discomfort, and back pain. It is the best body pillow for side sleepers. You can go with this for curling or upright sitting and even resting on this pillow sleeper.

Product Review: Customers say that this product is comfortable, user-friendly, and perfect for all on the positive side, and ripping in the middle, not for hefty people, terrible chemical smell is pointed by some users on the negative side.

#7 Side Sleeper Pillow for Neck & Shoulders

Side Sleeper Pillow for NeckFrom the name, we can understand that this is the best pillow for side sleeper from Sleep Artisan. These pillows are very soft because cotton, hemp, and poly blends are used and no pressure point is created between the head and the pillow. Head floating feel you can experience while using this. This hypoallergenic pillow improves sleep quality through better pressure relief. Oxygen flow to muscle is backed by natural latex and a neutral temperature is maintained to enjoy ultimate comfort. This is the best Side Sleeper Pillow that saves the neck and head and provides support for muscles. This is one of the best pillows for neck pain side sleepers.

Product Review: Customizable, good differences by shredded latex, well-designed pillow, no pressure, best side sleeper pillow consumer reports fall on the plus side whereas messy filling, too dirty, and very thick comments fall on the negative side.

#8 Milliard Full Body Pillow Sleeping

Milliard Full Body PillowComplete shredded memory foam is designed based on your contours, and movement and ensures sound sleep. You can customize the inner cover by adding or removing shredded MF according to your needs. You can make it soft by removing some foam whereas could make it firm keeping them all inside it.

The Outer cover is made up of ultra-soft Faux Fur which makes your washing easy. This 20×54-inch body pillow is long enough to relax. This event is the best fit for pregnant ladies for their cuddle and support. This CertiPUR Certified body pillow is the best pillow for side sleepers, and front, back, and stomach sleepers. Since it is packed under a vacuum, allot it for 48 hours for the foam to expand.

Product Review: Excellent fur case, comfortable, good quality, and super soft are the positive comments, and too lengthy, very hard, are the negative comments from the users.

#9 Nestl Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Nestl Gel-InfusedThis 20 x 54 inches pillow protector comes in various sizes with grey and white colors. This pillow protector is made up of waterproof that protects both the back and front sides along with breathable sides. This Oeko-Tex Certified pillow protector stays soft, durable, waterproof, and breathable. No wrinkling noise is heard due to the fabric used. This thick, lavish layer protector is zippered. If you find any problem within 100 nights, the same can be returned and a full refund is available. This product comes with a 5-year warranty to protect you with complete rest. 9. Nestl Gel-Infused Pillow Protector is ideal for droolers, skincare, and filthy freaks.

Product Review: Very quiet, pleasing cover, soft and comfy, high quality, luxurious, fluffy is the comments on the positive side and cheap zipper, smaller opening, very bulky, horrible customer service, too lengthy causes rips, not a completely waterproof, sharp zipper seems harm to the toddlers are noted in the negative side.

#10 Oubonun Premium Firm and Fluffy Pillow

Oubonun PremiumThis Oubonun, cotton, white-grey side adjustable pillow brings you the best support and comfy levels. Improves the aligned spine for any kind of sleeper. This breathable cotton pillowcase gives an extra comfortable sleeping experience. It is with high-quality quilted top pillow design, and a high-quality 7D polyester fill that matches hotels, and bedrooms. These supportive pillows are easy to care for. While opening the vacuum bag, the body pillow may not be fluffy. Please press, squeeze, and fold to bring it back to its normal fluffy shape. Allow it to at least 48 hours for complete expansion to the fullest shape. Machine washing and proper drying make this even more fluffy and supportive. You get a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee with it. If you do not want this product to continue, just inform the company, and they will refund your money with no questions.

Product Review: Soft, fluffy, adjustable, no chemical odor, best fit for tummy sleepers, durable, thick, good fabric, excellent packing are spoken in plus side, flatter than pancakes, provides zero support while considering knees, cheap, overpriced are pointed in the minus side.

Side sleeper pillow with ear hole is ideal for earache, and people who recover from ear surgeries. This kind of pillow helps to heal fast after surgery or ear piercing. Some pillow companies provide pillowcases that perfectly fit the hole. Hubble cotton, and rose cotton are used to manufacture them. In this pillow, you can sleep with earplugs & earphones easily. It also improves your snoring.

Bottom Line

Body pillows are necessary for side sleepers, pregnant women, back pain sufferers, who are recovering from surgery, and stomach sleepers, who have chronic neck, knee, hip, and back pain. And it is not well suited for back sleepers. But, they can use a rectangular pillow for the head and body. The best body pillows improve your sleep, pattern of sleep and keep you comfortable throughout the night. For pregnant ladies, body pillows support them to stop sleeping on their stomachs. Thus, a body pillow mostly helps all of us in every aspect. So, choosing one according to your needs is merely your decision.

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