Top 10 Best BMX Bikes Under 150-200 Dollars in 2024

Cycling is a huge term with different categories of bikes depending on the kind of activity, age, road, etc. one is going through. And there is a special bike for everyone out there willing to live their passion. But if you are looking for a cycling bicycle that fits best to your budget, BMX bikes come with a huge range of bikes that prove to be an exclusive package of elite features.

The BMX bicycle is now evaluated as one of the most reasonable bicycles available. Contrasted with the best off-road bicycles, they will cost you a negligible part of the cost. BMX bicycles initially addressed just a little piece of conventional bicycles, which they have developed to envelop a few styles. One detail that ought not to be disregarded is the way that these are ideal models for youngsters and kids who are new to cycling, because of their size and relative effortlessness.

Top 5 Best BMX Bike Under $150

If you are also looking for a budgeted bike here are the top bikes from BMX with detailed reviews that would help you find the right one to enhance your cycling experience. Check out Best BMX Bike Under $150.

#1 20″ Kent Pro 20

Kent Pro has been among the best BMX bikes under 150 for the people looking for an all-rounder bike. The primary attraction of the bike is the 20 inches tires that give amazing grip on any kind of surface. The pros and cons of investing in this bike are as follows.

Kent Pro 20


  • Designed in a steel frame which gives a firm base on the road.
  • The seat is made with alloy for additional firmness.
  • 360-degree rotation facility of the handlebar with freestyle rotor.
  • Pegs can be removed.


  • The frame is heavier compared to the aluminium frame.

This design from Kent International is the best for beginners.

#2 Hiland 20 inch BMX Freestyle Bike for Boys Girls

Available in two mesmerizing colours, this BMX bike from HH Hiland ranks in the second position in the list of BMX bikes under 150 dollars. The entire bike is given a steel frame which adds to its durability, sturdiness, and strength. The bike is also given 4 pegs, double U-brakes, 20.5-inch top tube length, and much more that makes it a quality bike. Here are the pros and cons of this amazing bike.

Hiland 20 inch BMX Freestyle


  • Attractive, sturdy, and robust bike.
  • Comes with all basic features yet at an affordable price.
  • Dual U-brake system for a safe ride.


  • As the entire frame is made of steel, the bike is a little heavier.

Regular maintenance of this BMX bike from HH Hiland makes it the best bike on the field, especially for beginners and teenagers.

#3 Avasta Freestyle BMX Bike for Kids

Avasta is popular for giving out high-quality and innovative bikes in the market. And this model is one of the most demanded bikes for every age. This freestyle bike is made with features like sturdy frames, set-up configurations, lightweight, and much more which makes it the best even for the kids.

AVASTA 20 inch Freestyle BMX Bike

The entire bike is given Hi-Ten steel framing to make it durable and sturdy. The aluminium U-brakes give the riders complete control over the speed, enhancing the performance of the bike. Here are the pros and cons you must go through.


  • Best bike for long term usage.
  • Integrated headset for additional steering performance.
  • Easy to install as it is 85% pre-assembled.
  • Safe for the beginners and the kids.


  • The frame of the bike makes it heavy.

This freestyle BMX bike is definitely the best for street riders and pop-off curbs. However, if you are looking to invest in a bike with low maintenance, low cost, and high usage, this is surely the best to go with.

#4 Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX

One of the stylish freestyle bikes in the market, Mongoose is designed with all the features a beginner would look for. The bike is given attractive features like removable brake mounts, 20.25-inch tube length, steel frame from Hi-Ten, and much more that make it durable.

Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX

The handlebar and the fork made out of Hi-Ten steel are combined using a 50mm stem which makes it the best-integrated headset for flabbergasting execution of the direction. Here are some popular pros and cons of the bike you need to check on.


  • Variety of colors and sizes available.
  • Complete control over the speed with the help of U-brakes.
  • Integrated headset for full control over the handle while biking.


  • Maintaining the brakes can be a little challenging.
  • Single-wall rims make it less robust compared to double-wall rims.

The bike is available in various colours such as copper, blue, black, teal, white, silver, and grey. Again, the bike is also available in various sizes as per your comfort level.

#5 RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Bike

If you are in search of a bike for your kid that is totally safe yet stylish and amiable, you surely need to give a look at the BMX freestyle bike from RoyalBaby. One of the best 150-dollar BMX bikes, RoyalBaby is equipped with all the basic features your kid would check on. Whether you are looking for a beginner’s bike or a bike with a low budget for your kid, this suits your needs.

RoyalBaby Boys Girls Kids Bike

The model comes with features like easy to assemble, safe grip, sturdy framing with steel, non-slippery paddles, and much more to ensure your kid is totally safe while riding. The bike is also given side wheels for complete support and balance for teginner kids. The pros and cons list of the bike is as follows:


  • Available in four different colours, features, and sizes
  • High-quality steel frame to make it strong
  • Available in different designs and styles
  • Best for the children on safety counts


  • The steel frame makes it a little heavier

The bike can easily be assembled and dismantled which makes it easier for the user to transport it. The band and calliper brakes on the back and front respectively give the rider utmost control over the speed without any jerks. It also provides a smooth ride to your kids on rough roads.

Top 5 Best BMX Bike Under 200$

Check out the Best BMX bike under $200 price, Good for daily use, check out the freestyle BMX Bike for boys and girls below.

#1 Diamondback Jr Viper Bicycles

Diamondback Jr Viper Bicycles is a wonderful bicycle and the perfect gift for the little one who enjoys cycling. The Diamondback Jr Viper Bicycles Is just like its bid version however there is the only difference between tiny sockets which is on the right of the novices. It’s appropriate for children who enjoy full control of the bicycle. The product comes with several perks such as a chain protector, advanced braking system, and high-class performance.

Diamondback Bicycles Jr Viper

It’s a 20inch marvelous bike and suitable for the schoolboys and cruise in the park. BMX is the favorite style of the younger generation due to the competitive BMX range which is widely used for tricks and stunts. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of this bicycle so you can understand it in a better manner:


  • It’s a sturdy and durable bicycle.
  • The bike comes with DB BMX Padded Seat.
  • Has 30mm Wide Black Rims and BMX style 20×2.125” Tires.
  • The bike has an advanced brake system with Rush RX2.1 Brake Lever.
  • High-intensity aluminium spoke wheels.
  • coaster braking system.


  • The chain guard could take advancement thought it help in keeping cloth out of chain but it can be better.

#2 Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus BMX Bike

Diamondback bicycle in gloss black is a multipurpose bicycle. The features of the bicycle are all needed by an everyday user. This bicycle is very comfortable for teenagers who need bicycles every day. The parts of the diamondback bicycles are all very comfy and overall the bicycle looks very classy and cool.

Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus BMX Bike

Because of the amazing looks and smooth features of this type of bicycle, it can be even ridden in mountains or hilly regions. The bicycle provides durable seats and also the main tires of the bicycle are of good quality and can work smoothly even in a rough area.


  • The material of the bicycle is made of steel so provides a great lifespan for the product.
  • The Handle of the bicycle is made of high-quality materials hence providing safe riding and turning.
  • The brake system of the bike is very well made, stops with ease.


  • The age range of the bicycle is limited to six to nine years
  • The product is hardly available online.
  • The weight of the product mentioned is mostly wrong and keeps switching.

#3 Razor High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike

This type of razor-high roller freestyle bike can be a very good idea for planning a gift for the children. The product quality is of very good type and also has a classy look. Razor high roller BMX has the front and rear side pull handbrakes which is the quality looked by the parents for the young Bicycle learners.

Razor High Roller BMX Freestyle Bike

The other most profitable feature of this bicycle is the height adjuster of the seat. This high Rolex bike is a unisex product and very comfortable for both boys and girls. The material of the product is very well structured.


  • The price of the high roller is very welcoming, affordable price.
  • The weight of the freestyle bike is very much appropriate for the kids to handle (fifteen to eighteen kilograms).
  • The security of the razor roller is maintained by a four-bolt stem.


  • The choice of color is less.
  • Less warranty to the product.
  • Less availability in stores.

#4 Tony Hawk 20″ Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike

This product is very unique and the design of the bicycle is very attractive and different from a normal bicycle. The tony hawk freestyle bike has custom grips and lets the rider comfortably cycle. The product stands in number one position as a present or gift to a teenage boy. The tire of this bike bicycle is of forty-eight-spoke wheels which makes it look more classic and very comfortable.

Tony Hawk 20_ Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike


  • The product has a free-style handlebar rotor.
  • Availability of front and rear caliper brakes, making it easy to ride in hilly regions.
  • The Tony bike has a full cover chain guard, adding to the security feature of the bicycle.


  • This BMX bike range is available only for boys.
  • The quality of the pedal is Low than the entire parts of the bicycle.
  • The price ranges are high and keep fluctuating.

#5 Hiland 20″ Kids Bike for Boys BMX Freestyle Bicycle

Hiland BMX/Freestyle Bike is a high-end bike that comes at an affordable price. The bike is made using a high tensile steel frame and study tires. The bike has alloy levers for rear and front side handbrakes and it’s also equipped with a high-quality coaster brake. It’s a cool bike that comes with several features and perfect Christmas gift for any child.

Hiland Bike for Boys BMX Freestyle Bicycle

All the components are great and the bike is a great economical solution with a high-quality frame. If you are the one looking for something which lasts longer then this is the perfect option for you. A common issue with freestyle bikes is their tire but in this bike paperweight tires are its best feature. The design of the bike is amazing and shocks absorbents are greatly placed. Here are a few procs and cons of the Hiland BMX/Freestyle Bike:


  • Sleek design and plenty of colour options to choose from.
  • Strong tensile steel frame.
  • Front and rear hand brakes.
  • Quick Release Seat Post Clamp.
  • Study tires.
  • The bike can support 80-90 pounds.


  • The bike frame is a bit heavy.
  • Hiland BMX handlebars are not reliable and cannot spin all the way around.
  • The bike is noisy due to the heavy framework.

All these are great BMX bikes under 150-200 dollars and you should have one of your lives to ride and want to have some fun. BMX bikes are rated as one of the most affordable mountain bikes.

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